FLB Entertainment Center


Wally Dreher & Sue Dreher bought the FLB Entertainment Center in 1979. August of 2009 marked the 30th year that the Dreher Family has owned & operated the FLB Entertainment Center!

Currently the second generation of the Dreher family is operating the FLB Entertainment Center, and as a family we have consistently worked to bring the Best in Entertainment to Folsom year after year.

The Dreher family has always been a big supporter of the Folsom Community by giving regularly every year to local Schools, Churches and towards Local Fundraisers. All of our family live locally and we are part of our community through the Rotary club of Folsom and the Folsom Chamber of Commerce.

The FLB Entertainment Center has gone through many phases and changes over the years. As of 2010 we have purchased new lanes, approaches, the latest scoring system & a new Lane Machine to provide the best shot around! Our bowlers area has been redesigned with comfortable couches for the ultimate bowling experience. We have also completely remodeled our Sports Bar & Casino.

Our Team




Wally opened the Folsom Lake Bowl now known as FLB entertainment center in 1979. Wally enjoys retired life as the CEO of FLB Entertainment center and is also the main star in our Luckiest Man in the world commercials. Check out our commercials on the link below!



General Manager

Owner and General Manager of FLB Entertainment center.

Email: dan@flb365.com


Casino Manager

Owner and Casino Manager of FLB Entertainment center.

Email: monica@flb365.com


General Manager

Owner and General Manager of FLB Entertainment center.

Email: jeremy@flb365.com



Carly is the 3rd generation of the Dreher family to work for FLB Entertainment Center, Carly started out working at the front desk and now she is assisting Joan Ray in the day to day bookkeeping.

Email: carly@flb365.com

Christi Burke

Bowling Center Manager

Bowling Center Manager for of FLB Entertainment center.

Email: christi@flb365.com


Sports Bar Manager

Kevin has been the Sports Bar manager since 2001 and also has won bartender of the year several years in a row.

Email: kevin@flb365.com